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1st Winners Circle BrushesT

"1st Winner's CircleT" is the Trademark for brushes manufactured by Champion Brush Inc. It is a symbol of consistently well made horse grooming brushes that you can rely on to work well, and to last.

All "1st Winner's CircleT" brushes are made at our US plant in Baltimore MD, giving us complete control over components used and quality of workmanship. Because we manufacture the products here, we are able to deliver exactly what our customers require, on time; and we are of course able to answer any technical questions and address any problems right away. The "1st Winner's CircleT" brand is regarded as a yardstick of quality in the industry, and we intend to keep it that way. We know that good grooming brushes will make the groom's job easier, the horse happier, and will last longer.

It is possible to put your name or logo on the backs of most types of "1st Winner's CircleT" brushes we manufacture here. Please ask for details - minimums and longer lead times inevitably apply, although the unit cost in the long run is almost the same.

We make "1st Winner's CircleT" Dandy brushes in three sizes of wood block (6 ¼", 7½" and 8 ¼") and two sizes of plastic blocks (6 ¼" and 8 ¼"), with 12 different filling materials, to suit all hands, pockets and horses.

We also manufacture the “Beastie Brush™” Dandy range, great quality brushes with exciting, eye catching different colors and patterns, every time.

Here are some of the fibers we use:

Union Fiber. Union fiber is a mixture of stiff natural materials (sometimes with plastic added) which is ideal for cleaning thicker, muddy coats. We offer softer and stiffer versions.

Tampico Fiber. This inexpensive natural material is very versatile, being tough on dirt but not harsh. It is good for removing dried on mud, and leaves the coat smooth and sleek.

Horse Hair Blend. Horse hair is used in better polishing and finishing Dandy brushes (please note the hair is clipped from the horses, and no animal is harmed!). It is blended with plastic to keep the cost down. When this is done well, it is hard to tell the difference between the hair and the plastic, and the results are very good indeed. There are cheap 'horse hair blends' around, where more plastic and less hair is used.

Pure Hair. This is ideal for the best polish and shine, and although soft does penetrate the coat for a deeper clean. Simply the best.

Plastics. The plastics (of varying firmness) we use in our "Winner's CircleT" Dandy brushes are specially shaped, in a 'clover leaf' section. This makes a considerable difference to the life and the performance of the brush, and is one aspect of the production process that sets our products apart from most others. Shaped extrusions wear a lot better, don't split or wear to sharp points, have a significantly greater resistance to crushing, and the right amount of firmness and 'spring' that turns an ordinary grooming brush in to a good one.

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