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Salmon Brushes

Salmon Products® is the registered trade mark of The Hill Brush Company Ltd, England.

The Salmon Products Brand has become a yardstick of quality in the cleaning industry both in the UK and around the world. They are made well, with good quality materials and are fit for purpose. Any product with the Salmon Products® mark on it will work well and last well, and represents real value for money.

We are often asked why we have a "Salmon Products" logo for cleaning products. The reason is historical. When Fred and Bill Coward founded the Company back in the early 1920s, there were a lot of small brush manufacturers around and all the 'brushy' names had already been taken. They chose the Salmon logo because this noble fish represents great strength and endurance, and is immediately recognizable; and less prosaically, because it also represented what they would far rather have been doing instead of working - going fishing. In fact in the 1930s when the business was powered by a water wheel, Bill used to put his rod and line out of the office window in the adjacent mill pond.

Today Fred and Bill would be amazed by the sheer variety of Salmon brushes and cleaning equipment available, and we hope also reassured by an enduring attention to quality. The Range includes:

  • About 100 different sorts of traditional push brooms, from 12” to 48” wide, filled with all sorts of different fibers to cope with differing conditions
  • All sorts of scrubbing brushes & brooms
  • Hand brushes of all types
  • Household brushes
  • A Garden Range
  • A Car Care Range
  • An Equestrian Grooming Range
  • A comprehensive color coded Food Service (or “Hygienic”) Range, with resin set, anti microbial and metal detectable products
  • Twisted in Wire brushes
  • Lobby dust pans and litter pickers
  • Squeegees, wet and dry mops, and buckets
  • Plastic shovels, scoops and hand scrapers
  • Cloths, including micro fiber cloths
  • A Window Cleaning System
  • Paint brushes, including artist, fitch and striker brushes
  • Plastic warning signs

Many of these Salmon products are now warehoused by the Baltimore MD subsidiary, Hill Brush Inc. Here we hold the full Equestrian Brush Range (where we also manufacture Champion Brush Winner’s Circle® Grooming Range), and much of the Food Service Range. If you require a line that is not currently available, it can be stocked by prearrangement.

In addition to the standard brushes in the Range, Hill Brush also manufactures an equally wide variety of special brushes to customer specifications, for all sorts of different applications, from one-off specials to mass produced parts for machines.

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