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Horse Brushes

Hill and Champion Brush Inc manufactures the "Salmon ProductsT" and "Winner's CircleT" ranges of horse grooming brushes, and is based in Baltimore, MD.

We have been manufacturing brushes since the 1920s and care about what we do, and the animals our brushes are used on. We are regarded as a yardstick of quality in the industry, and intend to remain that way. Good grooming brushes will make the groom's job easier, the horse happier, and will last longer. We offer a lot of other grooming equipment, and JOZT products like brush and bit cleaners.

Which brushes should I use? This depends on things like what sort of horse you have, what part of the country you are in, the time of year, how energetic a groom you are, and your personal preferences. We offer over one hundred different grooming brushes made for all grooming needs. These come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and are filled with different materials to suit the size of your hand, your pocket and your horse.

Oval ("Body") Brushes with straps. These are used for removing scurf, grease and dust, and (being gentler than dandy brushes) for brushing out the mane and tail. The close set, relatively short filaments of firmer body brushes reach right down through the coat to the skin beneath, lifting and removing dirt. We stock large and medium size body brushes, plus a smaller one for the kids.

Dandy Brushes. Dandy brushes should always be part of your grooming kit. Plastic and Union filled dandies are good for removing mud and dirt, and medium and soft brushes remove dust and bring the coat to a polished shine. We offer three sizes filled with many different materials for you to choose from, plus a good selection of 'duster' or 'flick' brushes. We also manufacture the "Beastie BrushT" range, great quality brushes with exciting, eye catching different colors and patterns, every time. Also ask about our water brushes, face brushes and bucket brushes.

Wood or Plastic Backs? Hill and Champion offers both wood and plastic backs. Wood backs are perceived as being pleasanter to hold and to look at than plastic ones. Plastic backs, the more economic (if less 'green') of the two, will be more durable in environments where they are going to be left around in the sun or wet for long periods. Plastic backs are now available 'over molded', where two plastics are used allowing exciting color combinations.

Plastic or Natural Materials? Plastics (normally polypropylene) are colorful, fun, durable, rot proof, and versatile. However, poorer quality plastics, found in nearly all cheaper brushes, often split, wear to sharp points, or collapse altogether, making the brush useless and uncomfortable for your horse. Champion plastic filaments are in fact specially shaped (to a 'clover leaf' section) during the extrusion process to help overcome these problems. Better natural materials lack the colorful vibrancy of plastics, but ours have outstanding characteristics, with generally better sweeping and cleansing action; they don't strip the natural oils out of the horse's coat but distribute them for an even, healthy shine; and they are kinder to the skin.

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