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Food Service Brushes

THE HILL BRUSH FOOD SERVICE RANGE offers a true choice of quality brushes, squeegees, scrapers, paddles and other equipment that will solve the many cleaning challenges found in the food industry. Generally the products:

  • Are designed specifically for food industry and factory use, often for specific purposes, and are not adaptations of inferior products made for domestic and other purposes
  • Will work reliably and well under testing conditions, and last far longer than ordinary equivalents, saving time and money
  • Will allow sanitation managers to do their job (and administer HACCP) with greater confidence, ease and efficiency
  • Are supplied in bar coded and sealed bags for extra convenience

Specifically, the brushes:

  • Are made with blocks that are thickened heavy duty Polypropylene, which doesn’t absorb water, crack, chip, rot or split
  • Are made with Polyester filaments, which are extremely durable and sweep very well. Polyester does not absorb water like Nylon, and lasts many times longer and stands much higher temperatures than Polypropylene
  • May be cleaned using all normal disinfectants and sanitizers, and may be autoclaved at 273F
  • Are generally color coded in five colors that will help with the implementation of departmental or food-type segregation, and HACCP
  • The standard brush range is staple set with stainless steel staples. The brushes made this way will be suitable for the majority of areas in any food processing facility
  • The resin set brush range is both staple set and set with epoxy resin. This process locks the filaments into the face of the brush, sealing the tuft holes and preventing build up of soil and moisture. The process also doubly secures the filaments in the brush back. These brushes are normally used in areas of particular hygienic sensitivity
  • The anti microbial brush range is similar to the resin set range. However the brush blocks and filaments contain the silver based anti microbial additive Irgaguard™, which effectively inhibits the growth of a broad range of molds, mildews and bacteria on the brushes themselves

Hill Brush also offers its plastic scoops, scrapers and shovels in a metal detectable plastic. Using properly calibrated metal detectors, small pieces of this special plastic will be picked up by the detectors in wet or dry conditions even while the process is running at full production speed.

Hill Brush Inc is based in Baltimore MD, where we manufacture and warehouse many types of brushes supplied by our UK parent, The Hill Brush Company Ltd. We are proud of our Food Service Range, and of the world class innovations we have made. Hill Brush “Salmon” branded products are used in over 40 countries by thousands of satisfied customers, including Cadbury’s, Heinz, Kellogg’s, Kraft, MacDonald’s, Premier International, Unilever.

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