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Case Histories


A specialist manufacturing company producing Glass Fiber Cloth for use in the aircraft industry approached Hill Brush with a problem. Fine particles of glass dust were forming on their product during the manufacturing process that needed to be removed quickly and efficiently. We invited representatives from the company to visit our factory to discuss the exact nature of the problem.

Hill Brush successfully resolved their problem by manufacturing a quantity of specially filled roller brushes that removed the dust from the Glass Fiber Cloth following its manufacture.


Printing Brushes with Your Name and Logo

Hill Brush Inc is able to print most Champion Brush wood backed brushes (the #10…, 20… and 30… series) with your name and logo, in one color. All we need is camera ready artwork for the logo, preferably in computer transmittable format. There is a one time at-cost printing plate charge of about $120 (depending on the complexity and size of the logo) and other than that, unless you need a specially purchased ink color, the cost is the same as on the price list. There are minimum quantities, and extended lead times will apply.

Many Hill Brush Ltd products (typically the equestrian oval brushes with straps, and most Food Service brushes) may be printed in the same way. It is possible to print in up to four colors. Again, there are plate charges ($120 - $240, depending on the complexity), and ink charges for special inks. There may also be a small extra per item charge, depending on the type of product. There are minimum quantities, and long lead times will apply – so good organization ahead of time is essential.

In both cases so long as the backs being printed are similar, customers may have different material fillings, and therefore get a variety of products to reach the minimum quantity.

Please ask for further details.



A company specializing in producing diamond impregnated floor grinding equipment needed a way of preventing the debris from the grinding process being dispersed in the work area.

They asked Hill Brush if they could put a row of knots into a special prototype plastic molding that would act as a shield around the grinder. This proved to be a challenge as the specification required was outside the parameters of most modern brush making machinery. However with special tooling and adjustment to our filling and trimming equipment we produced a finished product that helped them to achieve their objective.

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